About Us

Hey there!

We are Duncan + Brianna (aka the dream team), and we could not be more excited to be considered for your big day! As a team, we work together to capture all the little details that make your day uniquely–YOU! Our goal is to freeze your most precious moments for you and your love to look back on for ages to come. From the beginning, our mission is to serve & love our clients like Jesus would. From capturing your groom’s reaction as you walk down the aisle, to making sure your dress is perfectly fluffed for your couple’s portraits, we are here to serve and make your day as amazing as possible. We’ll also create some pretty magical images & footage along the way!


“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”

                                John 15: 12


Our favorite things

When we don’t have cameras in our hands, you will find us adventuring with our pups Everest & Kilman, going on spontaneous trips, or just relaxing at home & enjoying life. We love going new places & are always down to grab an iced coffee! Above all, we just love enjoying the life God has given us & are forever grateful that we get to capture memories that last forever.

Our Story

Duncan and I got married September of 2021. A few months before our wedding, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own photography business in hopes of not having to work a 9-5 job. Right after the honeymoon, I got to work creating Brianna Wiley Photography and taking photos of friends and family for my portfolio. The goal ever since the beginning was for us to be able to do this as a team, but it happened way sooner than we were expecting! We ended up working our first wedding together & completely fell in love with our jobs. Every wedding is a new adventure and we are so happy to experience it as a team & as a couple!

Memories captured in a unique way.

Our approach to your wedding...

Being in the photo & film bizz, we get asked a lot of questions like… “What’s your style?”, “Are you documentary or do you pose?”, “What is your approach to shooting wedding days?”. While some photographers and videographers can easily say they have a documentary approach or say their editing style is “light & airy”, we find that our style and approach doesn’t have an easy answer. Each wedding we go into is it’s own unique event filled with it’s own unique people & story & because of that, our approach to one couple’s wedding might differ from our approach to yours. 

One of our most useful qualities as creators is our ability to adapt to the situation we are in. Being able to “read the room” is something that we feel is so important when working in this space. Understanding when we need to take the lead or just sit back and capture the moment unfolding is something that makes our approach so much different than other photo & video teams. So, are we documentary? Yes, when we need to be! Do we use poses and prompts? Yes, when we feel they are appropriate!  Our goal is to capture each story in a way that is unique to you and your day. That approach is different for every couple & that’s the way we like it! 

Our editing style is also something that we just can’t slap a label on. When shooting, we try to get as close to ‘edited’ as we can in camera. Of course we still edit the photos & footage after, but we like to keep things as true to what they actually look like as possible… just more ‘enhanced’. We love keeping colors vibrant and enhancing golden tones when they are already naturally in the image. We also love adding a bit of grain to create a more vintage & film look if it feels right. We treat each image and footage clip like it’s own work of art. If we are in a more moody lit room, that image will of course feel more moody because that is what it was truly like. So even though we can’t label our work as easily as others, we like to think that it speaks for itself!